Best 2023 Alternatives to RoundMe for 360 Photography and Virtual Tours: Panorra and GoThru

Best 2023 Alternatives to RoundMe for 360 Photography and Virtual Tours: Panorra and GoThru

The RoundMe discontinuation left a void in the 360 photography community, prompting users to search for reliable alternatives that cater to both the social side of the 360 space and virtual tour capabilities. In this comprehensive blog post, we'll dive deep into Panorra and GoThru, two exceptional platforms that have emerged as RoundMe successors, offering unique features and experiences for 360-degree photography enthusiasts.

Panorra, a Social Platform for 360 Photography Since RoundMe's shutdown, Panorra has stepped up as a popular social platform for 360 photographers and enthusiasts, addressing the need for a RoundMe-like 360 photo website. Panorra supports 360 panoramic images and 360 videos, offering a seamless browsing experience to explore the world in 360 degrees. With its user-friendly interface and dedicated community, it's an ideal choice for RoundMe users migrating to a new platform.

Panorra's features include a variety of 360 perspectives, such as little planet or sky whole, allowing users to enjoy immersive content in creative ways. As a RoundMe-inspired platform, Panorra connects users with a community that shares a passion for 360-degree photography. Panorra's impact on 360 photography has been significant, providing a social experience and fostering connections between photographers and enthusiasts alike.

Additionally, Panorra offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience across platforms. With easy sharing options, photographers can showcase their work on social media or embed their content on websites to increase visibility.

GoThru, the Ultimate Solution for Virtual Tour Creation For those in search of a RoundMe alternative focused on virtual tour capabilities, GoThru offers a powerful and feature-rich platform. GoThru provides a range of tools and features for creating, editing, and publishing 360-degree virtual tours from panoramic images. As a Google Street View Trusted platform, GoThru enables users to publish virtual tours directly to Google Street View for increased visibility and reach.

GoThru's interactive 360 photo website allows for extensive customization options, including the addition of hotspots, informational pop-ups, and navigation elements to enhance the virtual tour experience. With its virtual tour creation tools and seamless integration with Google Street View, GoThru has become a preferred RoundMe replacement for users seeking a professional platform.

Moreover, GoThru offers tour hosting and embedding features, making it easy for photographers to showcase their virtual tours on their websites or share them on social media platforms. Its intuitive interface and customer support ensure a smooth transition for RoundMe users looking to create immersive virtual experiences.

The Future of 360 Photography: Beyond RoundMe As we move forward from the RoundMe discontinuation, the 360 photography community has new platforms to explore and showcase their work. For those seeking a social experience, Panorra provides a user-friendly platform with creative ways to explore immersive content, while GoThru offers a powerful solution for creating and publishing virtual tours.

Both Panorra and GoThru are evolving to meet the needs of the 360 photography community. As new features and tools are developed, these platforms will continue to shape the future of 360 photography and virtual tours. By embracing the post-RoundMe panorama platforms landscape and engaging with these emerging platforms, 360 photographers and enthusiasts can continue to grow and share their passion.

The RoundMe successors, Panorra and GoThru, each offer unique features and tools to cater to different needs within the 360 photography community. As you transition from RoundMe to either Panorra or GoThru, you'll discover new features, tools, and a vibrant community to foster your passion for 360 photography.