You can now download your virtual tour with TourMkr

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You can now download your virtual tour with TourMkr

The virtual tour software industry is always growing, opening up new possibilities for operators in the real estate market, tourism and education, amongst others. But creating a virtual tour is often very challenging and needs certain expertise. This is why the adoption of creating virtual tours is still not widespread, even though its advantages are extremely important and well-established by many who are investing in this technology. Would it be helpful if platforms could provide a download virtual tour functionality?

Challenges of Virtual Tours

Although creating a virtual tour can be really helpful in promoting your product, it also comes along with 2 major challenges:

  • Takes too much time

Building your virtual tour requires a lot of time investment. This is certainly not an easy task and even professionals need to spend many hours in front of the software to create a good result.

  • It’s costly

There are many virtual tours creating software in the market and the pricing range differs significantly between their services. However, most of them are not cost-effective, and to that, you need to add also your equipment and photographer expenses.

These are the main reasons why many operators do not create virtual tours for all their services, but only for those that perform best. But what if you knew that your created outcome could be downloaded for you to manage and distribute?

Virtual Tour Download functionality

Every virtual tour creator allows you to host your end-product to their own web hosting software. However, this limits your options when it comes to distributing your tour and being in charge of its performance. And up to this point, there was nothing else available in the market that could provide users the freedom of downloading their virtual tours.

TourMkr is bringing this option to its users. Now photographers and operators that use virtual tour creating software are able to download their creations and host their virtual tours themselves on their own hosting providers. Also, the tours can be downloaded on mobile devices, like tablets, phones etc for offline presentations.

TourMkr is your professional partner when it comes to creating virtual tours, with a vast variety of customizable themes, side menus, hotspots, floor map and a multi-language software that allows you to build a unique experience of your virtual tour. Its responsiveness and user-friendly platform are able to give you thorough insights on how your virtual tours are performing, helping you to stay competitive in the market.

Created by experienced 360 photographers, TourMkr is the virtual tour creator of GoThru, the Toronto based company that is devoted to bringing innovative solutions to 360 photographers and their clients. So visit their website and get a first glimpse of how TourMkr can help you create outstanding virtual experiences