GoThru creates more opportunities for robust 360 virtual tours by launching 2 new features - Video Chat and 16k image upscaling

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GoThru creates more opportunities for robust 360 virtual tours by launching 2 new features - Video Chat and 16k image upscaling

GoThru, the plug-and-play 360 virtual tour solution platform built for the photographers of today, has launched 2 new functionalities to empower more photographers to join the next generation of virtual tours.

Now users can do a video chat and upgrade their images from 8k to 16k within our robust and dynamic 360 tour platform. Tailored to meet the demands of modern-day business needs, these new functionalities will unlock unprecedented opportunities for businesses that operate under multiple industries, such as real estate, education, hospitality and more.

Video Chat

The video chat functionality allows two or more people to enter the same room and converse. Users can access this tool from within the GoThru Virtual Tour Creator and utilize it

to showcase a virtual tour to people that cannot attend in person.

In this way, international students that cannot attend open houses at schools or universities can easily substitute their absence with a close to the real-life virtual tour. Similarly, real estate businesses can use the video chat function to show a property to potential tenants that live abroad.

Users can find the video chat under the Plugin Manager Tab or follow the instructions described in our blog.

16k image upscaling

The next available feature refers to the visualization of virtual tours. We offer the possibility to our clients to upscale their photographs to match the demands of their 360 tours. Clients that have uploaded images of 8k quality have the option to increase their size to 16k so that images keep their sharpness when viewers zoom in.

However, this function is only available to our Pro members because the image upscaling takes more space on our servers and needs more customized servicing. The client simply has to open the virtual tour in the editor, wait for a few minutes and then save it.

Built for seamless 360 virtual tour creations

At GoThru 360 we are on a mission to bring photographers one step closer to the vast opportunities modern-day needs have opened up and technology has enabled. With a successful track record in creating virtual tours for various industries (e.g. real estate, hospitality, automotive, etc.) our GoThru Virtual Tour Creator combines multiple templates and plugins to help users unleash their creativity within a seamless environment of a high-end interface that needs no coding.

Visit our website to see for yourself how our platform can help you bring seamless, dynamic and immersive 360 virtual tour creations to your clients.

About GoThru

GoThru is a  360 virtual tour platform that offers dynamic and tailored solutions to businesses across multiple disciplines. Whether you want to build a detailed virtual tour and publish 360 images to Google, or you want to navigate your 360 tours in VR, GoThru offers a solution for anything 360.