GoThru launches Panorama Navigator a native VR App for Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Android and iOS

GoThru Panorama Navigator VR App

GoThru launches Panorama Navigator a native VR App for Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Android and iOS

GoThru is excited to announce the launch and availability of the GoThru Panorama Navigator VR App , an application accessible for download through the Oculus App Store that enables Real Estate agents, Property Investors, Architects and Google Trusted Photographers to be viewed in an immersive experience with the Oculus Go devices. The official launch date for GoThru VR App was January 10th, 2019, boasting 1,400+ installs in just 2 weeks after launch. Support for Google Cardboard and Rift devices will be available soon.

GoThru believes their GoThru VR App is a robust, professional application, with multiple business use cases. Users can leverage the VR App to reveal VR properties located in any country to non-English-speaking clients, with the presenter having the option to lock the application only to show one tour. Users can leverage the GoThru VR app to show their portfolio to industry prospects at trade shows. Real Estate brokers or agents can load all their virtual tours in one account in the app for walkthrough presentations of homes in their portfolio, without distractions of non-relevant ones. 360 Photographers can showcase an engaging portfolio to reveal to prospective clients to pitch new business. Lastly, users can also show their office or studio to friends or family at gatherings.

Be amazed by the GoThru VR app in action in Oculus Go.

Currently, the app supports 7 languages - Italian, Portuguese, French, English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Bulgarian.

GoThru is the only platform that enables a comprehensive ecosystem to its users to build immersive experiences. Our users moderate their panoramas into a 360 walkthrough, similar with Google Street View. They have the option to create value-added overlays as well. We are working to offer a more complete package to our users, so we've released apps for VR devices like Oculus Go and soon we'll support Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift”  says GoThru CEO Alin Bugeag.