How TourMkr revolutionizes the tour creation software industry

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How TourMkr revolutionizes the tour creation software industry

Tour creation software is of high demand, especially after the coronavirus outbreak. The real estate industry, tourism, learning institutions and marketing sector have been widely using 360 tour creators to visualize their products and offer proximity and accessibility to resorts or educational places, to name a few. And although there are multiple tools available on the market, nothing can beat our newly developed TourMkr by GoThru.

In this article, we will introduce our revolutionary tour creator, TourMkr, and share with you how you can use this platform to showcase your products.

What is TourMkr

TourMkr is the best virtual tour creator that works with overlays. This GoThru tour creator allows you to build a layer of information on top of your panoramic photos making the whole process user-friendly and offering you the easiest way to create your professional virtual tours.

The GoThru overlay editor is based on browser technology allowing for instant updates. Specialized for 360 photographers, its system supports photographs from any 360 cameras, from DSLR to Ricoh Theta and Insta360.

The customizable options are endless, with multiple available themes and tools that can help you create bespoke solutions targeted to any niche. You can get a first glimpse of it's functionality with the following image:

TourMkr editor functions

Integrating a powerful customizable system, TourMkr by GoThru is the first tool that combines easiness of use, intuitiveness, and professional templates in the market. That means you can rest assured that regardless of your needs, TourMkr can provide high-end virtual tours and added value to your business.

Virtual Tour Examples

To get an idea of how a tour created and published with TourMkr could look like, we present you 7 examples that target different industries. Let's look at those in more detail.

  1. Berlin theme

Here you can navigate your way at KFC Yum. High-quality images have been combined to give you a real experience of what to expect before arriving.

2.  Real Estate theme

With luxurious photographs, you can depict the warmness of your house offering your clients an easy way to view potential real estate properties before moving on with a purchase. In times of social distancing, TourMkr turns house viewing into a virtual visit with vibrant colors and easy navigation.

3. Store option

TourMkr offers great features for your online store as well. Showcase your products or visualize your store’s product positioning with a seamless flow and powerful customization settings.

TourMkr Highlights

The GoThru virtual tour creator is bringing a new way of building and hosting virtual tours. Its features and tools not only provide high end quality but also pay special attention to user experience.

  1. Variety of Hotspots

The TourMkr hotspots help you add more information about your products by placing audio, text, images, and videos (360 video as well) anywhere on the scene. Their flexible functionality allows for a smooth user experience without needing certain editing skills.

2. Multi-level Floor Map

Your virtual tours can benefit from the GoThru multi-level floor plan that integrates an easy-to-use menu. In this way, the various levels of your business can stay connected in an intuitive environment.

3. Side menu

The flexibility of the side menu helps users navigate more easily through the scene without having intrusive elements that might drive their attention away from the visuals. Additionally, it allows for quick access to the various layers of the virtual tour.

4. Multi-tours

This feature helps users create and publish multiple tours, with many customizable features like fonts. In this way, you can build a virtual environment for every store or business for a user-friendly virtual platform.

5. Multi-language

Your tours can be translated into more languages other than English making your virtual solution more customized to your target audience. Translations that TourMkr provides are German and French, amongst others.

6. Multiple themes

Choose from pre-designed themes for faster tour building options. The TourMkr templates are designed in such a way to help users who do not have the time or skills to set up a design by themselves.

7. Native virtual reality (VR)

To give our users the best experience we have integrated a native virtual reality environment where visitors can enter a VR mode. This can be possible by using our native applications for Oculus Go, Oculus Quest or Google Cardboard on Android and iOS.

8. Progress Web Application (PWA)

With this new feature, GoThru is bringing your overlay tour builder on your phone. Now you can build your virtual tour from the icon on your home screen after downloading the equivalent app. The app has a compatible version for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

9. Powerful Analytics

GoThru is aware of how important analytics are for your business. For this reason, we have integrated a powerful dashboard that collects views and uses activity data giving you better insight on your target audience and how they engage with your virtual tour.

Closing Thoughts

GoThru’s virtual tour creator is combining revolutionary features with the easiness of usage to bring the high-end quality of virtual tours and impeccable user experience. The platform is not only responsive to fit the needs of every visitor, but also offers a variety of themes and plugins that make it possible for users to create a unique virtual experience.

GoThru is a Canadian business that is always evolving to meet the needs of 360 photographers  and has already developed a powerful platform. GoThru Moderator is the only moderator outside of Google that provides the technology to create a constellation out of panoramic images and be published directly on Google Maps and the Street View Application and with various competitive packages, you can also get a glimpse of what we have to offer your business.