What is a 360 Virtual Tour? An Introduction to the 360 Virtual Tours

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What is a 360 Virtual Tour?
An Introduction to the 360 Virtual Tours

In today's digital era, technology has made everything that is not possible become very doable. With technology, our world also seems borderless to the point where we can virtually explore any places we had never imagined visiting before through virtual experience in 360° virtual tours. For example, during the pandemic era, when physical activities were limited to reduce the virus spread, 360 virtual tours helped a lot by providing an immersive simulation and a lifelike virtual reality through photography.

360 Virtual Tour

360 Virtual Tour is a technology that allows us to capture 360° panoramas and stitch them into one unique virtual experience that we can enjoy from our mobile or desktop screens. If you are familiar with Google Maps, which helps you to find a place easily before you get there, that is how the 360 virtual tours developed. For photographers, 360 virtual tours let them create a visual that shows a full view of a place. For example, in capturing a street view, the photographers will show not only a straight line of the imagery but also points or places nearby. Therefore, it enables users to see a place in all directions as if they are really there. Not only that, but they can also zoom the picture to get a closer look at a place. Seeing the benefit it has, the 360 Virtual Tour can be used for many different purposes across industries.

Google Street View

The most common usage of a 360 virtual tour is the street view, which enables us to look around a place without physically being there. It can be a unique marketing tool for businesses since it helps them build their online presence and gain more popularity. The technology is also very much beneficial for users because it provides an abundance of visual information needed. For example, in finding a location, the 360 virtual tours help them preview a place they will visit beforehand.

On the other hand, a tourism sector like museums needs 360 virtual tours to showcase their artifacts or exhibitions. People who are also far away can still enjoy the area without physically visiting the museums. The same goes for many industries, such as education, economics, mining, etc.

360 Vitrual Tour Software

With the latest technology that GoThru has as the future of the 360 virtual tours, we are ready to create enhanced virtual tours, publish them to Google Street View, and expand your product through an interactive video.