Introducing: Ricoh "Theta V Plugin" App For Wireless Pano Transfers To Your GoThru Account

Ricoh Theta V

Introducing: Ricoh "Theta V Plugin" App For Wireless Pano Transfers To Your GoThru Account

What if you could 'cut the cord' to transfer your panos easily from your Theta V to your GoThru account? Yes, without cables. Say it with me... #cutthecord

This short tutorial shows you how to do this easily with GoThru's Theta V plugin app.

Google Trusted Photographers & Real Estate Agents Support The Ricoh Theta V 360 Camera

One of the leading 360 camera devices in the marketplace is the tiny but powerful Ricoh Theta V, released in 2017, which packs a 4K sensor in a slim candy-bar body with a 180-degree lens on its front and back. It connects to a smartphone via either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, and the Theta app (Android & iOS) can be used to transfer panoramic images and also works as a remote viewfinder.Many of GoThru's clients, who are Google Trusted Photographers and real estate agents, enjoy the Theta V due to its small form factor and simplicity of use. To continue with the vein of simplicity and speed, GoThru has dedicated time and resources to help Theta V users speed up their pano transfer workflow.

What's The Problem With Today's Pano Transfer Workflow?

Cable Requirement: Today's workflow requires you to connect your Theta V to your laptop/desktop via cable before you can transfer your panoramas. What if you can "cut the cord"?

What's Possible Today: The Faster Process: Theta V Plugin

The "Theta V Plugin" by GoThru helps you cut the cord easily.Key benefit to Theta V users is the ability to push your panos directly to GoThru (from your camera using your smartphone).Here's how:

  1. Connect both your Theta V and your iPhone to the same WiFi network
  2. Open your Theta V camera, and it connects automatically to your WiFi network
  3. Open iPhone, and it connects automatically to your WiFi network
  4. Open the Theta app. Start the plugin and it pushes yours panos directly to GoThru.
  5. The Theta V Plugin easily transfers all your panoramas from your Theta V camera to a new listing in GoThru called "Uploads", skipping the need to download your panoramas to your laptop/desktop
  6. Once logged in to, you can move the panoramas from the "Uploads" listing to the listing you desire. All this with a simple select and move buttons

Where To Get The Theta V Plugin