Best Camera for 360 Virtual Tours

360 camera

Best Camera for 360 Virtual Tours
Best 360 Camera

A camera is an essential tool for every photographer who wants to start taking photos for 360 Virtual Tours. Thus, choosing a good camera has become necessary to create an immersive 360 panoramic photography. Generally, a 360 camera allows us to capture a complete panorama and multiple angles of a place at once by providing multiple lenses, fish-eye lenses, bird-eye lenses, and even enables us to stitch the photos directly.
However, there are dozens of options to choose when you buy 360 Virtual Tours. Each option has its advantages and uniqueness, from the most affordable to the most expensive, that can fulfill your needs. So which one is better for you? Let’s take a look at the best 360 camera recommendation by GoThru below!

Ricoh Theta Z1

Ricoh Theta Z1

The first 360 camera on our recommendation is Ricoh Theta Z1. The camera can record natural 360 panoramic photography and provide still image shooting with highly accurate image stitching. Supported by live streaming in 4K, this 360 camera serves an excellent quality of sight, like the actual image of a place. In addition, the camera is also equipped with a lens that reduces flare, purple fringe, and ghosting.

Insta360 One X2


A pocket 360 camera that enables you to shoot, stabilize, edit, and even stitch the image directly without additional gear. With dual-lens model 5.7K HEVS, this camera is suitable for shooting in any field.

GoPro Max

goPro Max

GoPro Max offers a game-changer 360 camera technology that lets you shoot the panorama with unbreakable stabilization from Max HyperSmooth, amazing panoramic photos, and premium audio from 6 mics.

Trisio Lite 2

Trisio Lite 2 is equipped with a single lens that can rotate 360 degrees and capture 360 degree tour images from different angles at once with its 8K and 32 megapixels. Supported with anyScene technology, this 360 camera will also automatically adjust the images taken in various lighting conditions to create a proportional image.

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360

Another recommendation for a 360 camera comes from Samsung with Samsung Gear 360. The camera lets you capture any kind of moment in a complete view with the F2.0 lens. Moreover, the camera also gives the image clear and bright colors. Samsung Gear 360 is also compatible with Google Street View, so the panoramic photos taken can be uploaded directly.

Rylo iPhone + Android 360

Rylo 360 Camera

Rylo iPhone + Android 360 is a mobile-friendly 360 camera. The size of the camera and the handle are so small yet exceptionally powerful to capture 360 panoramic photography impressively. The camera also lets you view and edit the footage directly from your mobile phone, either iPhone or Android. The quality of the image is also nothing to be doubted about. The stabilization, lens, and stitch feature make it a 360 camera that is worth-buying.