The Best Free 360 Virtual Tour Software for 2023

Discover the best free 360 virtual tour software in 2023 for a professional and immersive experience. These software solutions span everything from drag-and-drop builders to cutting-edge editing tools. Our top options will help you improve your virtual tour without going over budget.

The Best Free 360 Virtual Tour Software for 2023

360 Virtual Tours have become a technology that many people benefit from. It brings an innovation that enables us to see a location without visiting it physically. Such technology benefits many industries, including real estate, tourism, education, etc. It helps those industries to save cost and time and to be more efficient. Thus, it is considered a great innovation, especially in photography. With the best technologies and excellent features it offers, no wonder that many people then assume 360 virtual tours are high-priced. In fact, many 360 virtual software offer a very competitive price. Moreover, there are also plenty of them which provide the best free 360 virtual tour software. One of them is GoThru.

GoThru is the best free 360 virtual tour software that brings a complete solution for 360 virtual tour needs. It helps anyone create 360 degrees virtual tours to represent information on top of panoramic images taken with any 360 cameras. Equipped with the best technology, GoThru provides the best free 360 virtual tour software. In addition, GoThru also provides a pricing plan that can be adjusted according to your needs.

In the free plan, you can sign up for free and use services like panorama backup, auto level, panorama field of view, centering tool, and create the level for virtual street view tours without spending any money. Moreover, you will not be charged a monthly recurring bill but will only pay for any additional service as you create 360 virtual tours in GoThru. For example, you will only be charged once for making a Blue Line on the virtual street view, publishing panoramas to a Street View, and creating 360 virtual tours. It is recommended for beginners and infrequent photographers make GoThru the best free 360 virtual tour software

Beyond providing the best free 360 virtual tour software, GoThru allows users to choose a  variety of plans, starting from Basic Plan to Pro Video Plan. Basic Plan is a starter plan for Google Street View publishing with only  $10 USD / month. This plan enables you to create 2 virtual street view or Blue Line Tours, 100GB spaces, levels, manual blurring, Google Views Statistics, multi-account publishing, RSS feed and portfolio page, WordPress plugin portfolio, auto level, photo tool, nadir patching, to mirror ball nadir.

The next plan is Pro Plan GoThru recommends for photographers who want to grow their business faster. With  $23.95 USD, the plan includes 10 published tours to Street View, with unlimited panoramas per tour. For extra tours there is an option to pay  $2 USD per tour via tokens. Any tour with 4 or fewer panoramas is free and not counted towards the 10 monthly tours. Once a tour is published to Google, there is no extra charge for future edits. The plan also enables users to install the Enhanced Virtual Tour on their phone and access it as a native app, creating VR via Meta Quest, Android, iOS, and virtual tour statistics.

GoThru also offers a Pro Video Plan, which is suitable for agencies or photographers who require extra space due to the high volume of images and advanced features. With  $53.95USD / month, users can explore unlimited sub-accounts and plan space. The plan also allows Live Video Chat with Screen Sharing and High-Quality images up to 134 MP (16K) panorama size.
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