What is 360 Camera and how to get it for Free

360 cameras can capture an entire 360-degree view of the surroundings in one photo or video. These cameras capture immersive panoramic content that makes viewers feel like they're there. Despite the fact that 360 cameras can be very expensive, GoThru offers them for nothing.

What is 360 Camera and how to get it for Free
What is 360 Camera and hot to get it for free

With the advancement of technology, the function of cameras is getting advanced time by time. It is not only used for its essential role, which is taking pictures, but it becomes more intuitive with various specific functions. Digital cameras, action cams, and drones are typical examples of how many people use cameras to take pictures and videos for different purposes today. In addition, the 360 camera is one example of the development of technology in photography.

360 camera is a camera that enables photographers to capture a complete panorama and multiple angles of a place at once. With this camera, the captured object can be seen from all directions and sides. Therefore, the results of objects from this camera can be seen from the top, bottom, right, and left sides, known as omnidirectional cameras. The use of a 360 camera in capturing an object more realistically, as if our eyes captured it, makes it more exciting and creative.

360 camera

Nowadays, a 360 camera is commonly utilized to take multiple 360 panoramic photography and stitched into 360 virtual tours. Many industries and activities benefit from the panoramic images captured by a 360 camera since it allows them to show their work or a particular place to anyone worldwide without having to come physically. It allows us to see any location in the world on our screen. This technology is a game-changer, especially in the current years where physical activities are strictly limited.

Apart from panoramic images, this 360 camera is also widely used for various purposes in technology and entertainment, such as concerts, sports, and VR games. For example, a 360 camera is used in cars and is helpful as a reverse camera. You can look at the surroundings, and it will display a bird's view image to help you park.

Car 360 camera

Trisio Lite is a 360 camera with Node Rotate technology which allows the camera's single lens to rotate 360 degrees and capture multiple images to deliver panoramic images of resolutions with 8K and 32 megapixels. Trisio Lite 2 is the best budget virtual tour camera in 2022 that will suit your industry needs, from real estate and engineering to tourism.

Trisio lite 2

You can directly use Trisio Lite 2 on GoThru, as follows:

1. Install the Quick Plug-in on your tripod.

2. Install Trisio 360 Camera App on your mobile device (iOS & Android) and log in. Click the red shooting button.

3. Click "Connect" and allow the Trisio camera access to your pictures.

4. Return to the Trisio app interface to have the connection displayed and start capturing.

You can also get a free Trisio Lite 2 only on GoThru. Keep you updated with our notifications to learn more!